Tumi International Primary School

We are devoted to seeing, and then bringing out, the very best in each child

In 2023, we are working hard to start our own elementary school. A school where we see the whole child and where they learn by doing and playing. With Cambridge standards, but just a little different from the rest.

Before we can open the TUMI School, a lot has to happen. And although our Women Empowerment Centre is 100% self-supporting, we need your support for this project. Money that is, we can’t put it any simpler than that. 

This page already contains a lot of information about our plans, but of course we are happy to give you more information. Donations of any amount are welcome, because here too every little helps. TUMI Ghana is an ANBI certified institution, which means that donations are tax deductible. 

Would you – after reading the information below – like to donate?


Education is the most important part of a society. In Ghana, it is taken very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that children are not allowed to be children. Creativity is limited. They are not allowed to use their curious minds. The result? Children who can only reproduce what teachers say without critical thinking, problem solving and creative solutions.

Our school

At our school, we see the whole child and learn by doing and playing. The main focus is on nurturing children’s natural curiosity and developing self-confidence in their intelligence and talents. We will create an environment where the child can flourish as an individual and discover what service strengths are, and claim these as their own talents and work on lesser strengths.


With units instead of classes per year, children can learn at their own pace and learn from each other. In addition to the main subjects, such as math and language, they also learn about: agriculture, art, safety, coding, communication, ecology, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, interpersonal relationships, mindfulness, mental health, sports and sustainability.

Mission, vision & finances

Have you become enthusiastic and would you like to contribute to the realization of TUMI School? We have prepared a comprehensive brochure with more information about our mission, vision and working methods at the school.

In this brochure you will also find an explanation of the finances, because we believe that transparency should not be missing.


All donations are welcome, large or small. Tumi Ghana is an ANBI-certified foundation, which means that your donation is tax deductible. The conditions for tax deduction can be found here

Of course you can also choose to donate on a monthly basis. The amount is up to you. To give you an idea: a child can attend our school for 42 euros per month. We combine donations to ensure that a child who starts with us can also finish school.

Are you a company donating to our school?

Then we will gladly do something in return for your donation, if it exceeds 500 euros.

  • Donations starting at 500 euros:
    Honorable mention on our website & social media channels
  • Donations starting at1000 euros:
    The above + your (company) name will be immortalized on the Hall of Fame in our school.
  • Donations starting at 2500 euros:
    The above + we offer you 3 nights accommodation for two in Tumi Hostel, where we will be happy to personally show you around the school.
  • Donations starting at 5000 euros:
    The above + we name one of our classrooms or common areas after you (/your company) or someone you choose.