The right education is the foundation for a better future

Tumi Ghana started in 2017 with the vision that creating jobs is more valuable than giving financial aid. This vision is still the main pillar of the hostel and the Women Empowerment Centre. 

Recent years have taught us, however, that many problems Ghanaian women face start as early as elementary school. In Ghana, it is common for children to attend school as early as two years old, and from then on they are expected to perform. Children and students do not learn to learn to think for themselves, they only learn to give the right answers. Therefore, since 2023, we have been tackling the problem at the core by opening a day care center and an international primary school.

Tumi International Primary School

A progressive primary school, where children are allowed to be children while discovering at their own pace where their talents lie.

In 2023, we are raising money to open an international elementary school in Kumasi.

Women Empowerment Centre

Trade is more dignifying than aid.

That’s why young women are trained as seamstresses and designers at our Women Empowerment Center. Also, these women are coached on entrepreneurial skills, such as administration and marketing.

Tumi Daycare

Since Tumi’s start, we have been encouraging students to bring their children to classes so that mothers can always come to school. In 2023, we started a childcare center on our premises for the children of our students and staff, because unfortunately we noticed that mothers of young children in particular often fall behind with classes.

Tumi Hostel

On the same property as the Women Empowerment Center is Tumi Hostel. A colorful environment with friendly staff and delicious food. Not only according to us, but also according to the 9.1 we score on !