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Our team in Ghana

Our team in Ghana includes Milou, Louisa, Dorothy and Antoinette. Many other amazing women work at Tumi, from receptionist to leader at our daycare center.

Milou Lommelen, Founder

Milou studied Tourism & Facility Management. In 2015 she came to Ghana for an internship, here she felt right at home. While working here, she saw the many opportunities Ghana has to offer and started working on the project plan for Tumi Ghana. After a year of preparations in the Netherlands, she came back to Ghana in 2017 to start Tumi Hostel and the Women Empowerment Center. To this day, she enjoys working in Kumasi with the team and students.

Louisa Korkovi Lawson, Hostel Manager

Louisa holds a Bachelor of Education Degree from Winneba University of Education. She joined the Tumi family in 2019. Louisa is very confident and a great leader. She lives and breathes women empowerment and truly believes in gender equality, hence her inspiration to manage the hostel and generate more income to run the foundation. She leads by example and has a very natural way of coaching her team to excellence.

Dorothy Sagoe, Sexual health teacher

Dorothy teaches sexual health education at the Women Empowerment Center. She recently graduated from the School of Nursing and Midwifery. While studying to become a district nurse, she is learning to discuss sensitive topics with people of all ages. Dorothy has tremendous knowledge in the field of sexual health. She makes sure our curriculum is up-to-date and relevant, and when issues arise, she makes sure we turn them into a lesson plan. Dorothy is very approachable which makes it easy for students to talk to her. Thus, she has grown into the role of confidant to both students and staff.

Antoinette Opoku, Sewing Coordinator

Antoinette (better known as Annette) is married and the mother of four children. After completing management studies at the Institute for Commercial Management, she studied fashion and design in Kumasi. She worked for an international NGO for eight years, and seven years ago founded her own fashion and design company. Given her work experience and her passion to be part of a women empowerment project in her country, Annette is the perfect person to plan our sewing course, supervise the teachers and teach the sewing classes for advanced students.

Our students

Training at our Women Empowerment Center encompasses so much more than just learning how to use a sewing machine. We asked some of our (former) students what the training means to them:


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