New since 2023: our own nursery!

As a women’s empowerment organization, we always do our best to create the best study and work environment for our ladies. We have always allowed women to bring their babies and young children to class. Even during vacation periods, older children can sometimes be found in and around the classrooms. In this way, mothers do not have to miss any classes. It is wonderful to see that the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” really applies to how Ghanaian women take care of children. They all babysit the children and take over the mothers’ tasks when possible so they can do their school work. Unfortunately, we have found that especially those mothers who breastfeed and always have their children with them are often left behind. We want to be a truly woman-friendly organization, so we feel we need a solution to take care of their children.

With a semi-open space so there is fresh air, but also protection from the sun and rain. With mats for the babies and furniture for the toddlers, as well as toys and books. We have built a sandbox and some playground equipment, so that the children are well entertained and cared for by a professional leader, while the mothers can concentrate on their studies.