We help underpriviliged women in Kumasi

TUMI Ghana is a non-profit organisation that creates sustainable income opportunities for underprivileged women in Kumasi. Due to poverty and early motherhood, girls often do not have the chance to go to school. Lacking employable skills and a steady income, they struggle to feel any control over their own lives. Here at TUMI Ghana, we give them the opportunity to learn a skill which allows them to earn their own income and empowers them to feel confident and in control!

Education in Ghana, especially university, is still a luxury for many. This leaves a lot of women without the skills that will give them a fair chance in the job market. They either end up selling food or drinks on the streets or find a low-paid job in the market or in a shop. Many of these jobs pay less than two Euros a day.

Some women get the chance to learn a skill like sewing or hairdressing. However, these trades cannot be learned in a school environment, but through apprenticeship. This means that, a woman who wants to learn to sew, pays a fee between 25 to 150 Euros to a master seamstress. From that moment she will work for the seamstress for free and in return the master will teach her the trade. This can take up to three years, depending on how eager the student is to learn and how willing the seamstress is to teach.

Women Empowerment Centre

Women can:

  • Take courses to become a professional seamstress
  • Get information about and get access to birth control

The course includes classes in:

  • Sewing
  • Designing
  • Customer service
  • Bookkeeping
  • Marketing

Girls from 17 to 28 years old with a maximum level of SHScan apply for our sewing course by calling to Annette: 0244 86 92 75


Our team in Ghana


Milou Lommelen Founder

Milou studied Tourism & Leisure Management and Facility Management. In 2015 she came to Ghana for an internship and loved the place and the Ghanaian people. While working here she saw the many possibilities that Ghana has to offer and started working on the project plan for TUMI Ghana. After a year of preparations in the Netherlands, she came back to Ghana in 2017 to start TUMI Hostel and the women empowerment center. Till this day she loves working in Kumasi with the team and the students.


Antoinette Opoku Sewing Coordinator

Antoinette (better known as Annette) is married and mother of four. After finishing Management studies at the Institute for Commercial Management she studied Fashion and design in Kumasi. She worked for an international NGO for eight years and seven years ago she founded her own fashion and design business. Given her work experience and her


Patricia schooled in Kumasi, after completing High school she went on to teach in two different schools where she found out she really has a passion for teaching. After a while she enrolled in the first batch of TUMI Ghana students in 2017, after completing the program she worked on her own for a while and when TUMI was in need for a substitute teacher she happily took the job. Because she did the whole program herself, it makes her a very equipped teacher and a great example for all the new girls coming in.


Anneroos Den Otter Operations manager

Anneroos studied Cultural & Social development. During her studies she traveled a lot and found her passion in intercultural work. After graduating she worked as a project coordinator and mentor in a refugee camp with unaccompanied minor refugees. After 2 years of working she decided to move to Ghana for a volunteer project with seamstresses.

IRENE ADWOA SAGOE Sexual health & Entrepreneurship teacher

Irene teaches Entrepreneurship and Sexual Health Education at the Women Empowerment Centre, she recently graduated from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. While studying Culture and Tourism, she toured various regions in Ghana and learnt how to relate with people of different cultures. Irene has vast knowledge in Sexual Health and a certificate in Entrepreneurship Education. She has worked together with Milou to design the curriculum especially for TUMI. Irene is very approachable which makes it easy for the students to talk to her. That’s how she has grown into the role of confidante of the students and she coaches them on their personal and business decisions.

Esther Serwaah Kyei hostel manager

Esther holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. She joined an international NGO where she took on several roles like business support associate, business analyst and consultant. From there she became team leader were she supervised and managed the welfare of all volunteers in 2018. This is where she learnt to manage a group of people. Esther is very confident and a great leader. She believes in gender equality and women empowerment hence her inspiration to manage the hostel to generate more revenue to run the foundation.

Our team in The Netherlands


Danielle Leukel Board chairperson

Danielle works as a specialty beer portfolio manager at Swinkels Family Brewers. Driven by her passion for other cultures and her close involvement through Milou as her sister-in-law, she is part of the TUMI Ghana team from day one. Because of her experience with the foundation, she is chairman of the Dutch board. She ensures that the Dutch team is enthusiastic about TUMI's inspiring mission, and believes that together we can make the world a little better.

Wouter Gerards - TREASURER

Wouter Gerards Board treasurer

Wouter has extended knowledge about financials and the Non-Profit world. He was a board member for several years for an NGO in Colombia and works as an accountant for the Dutch government.

Jozan Drost Board vice-chairperson

Jozan has studied cultural and social work. With her passion for traveling and the will to work for other cultures, Jozan has seen much of the world. It makes her happy to empower others and let them develop further. As a job coach at Complete Mensenwerk she works with various cultures. When she was in Ghana to visit her friend Anneroos, she was soon infected with the TUMI virus. She uses her experience as a coach to guide the volunteers of TUMI Ghana, and she is also involved in the further development of TUMI as a professional organization in the Netherlands.

Jelle Merkus Board secretary

Jelle works as a project manager in the field of spatial planning for the Province of Limburg. He followed TUMI Ghana from the beginning and saw how a driven group of friends worked for the foundation over the last years. The positivity that can be found in the vision of TUMI Ghana as well as the enthusiasm of the team really appealed to Jelle. Since the beginning of 2019, he joined the team to work together on the further growth of TUMI Ghana.


An Pegels Advisory sales

An is sales manager for Wittenberg in Amsterdam. She visited Milou when she was in Ghana. She fell in love with the country and supports the project completely. She helps TUMI Ghana with finding new partners and sponsors.

Evert Gerards Volunteer administration

Evert has a lot of experience with financial accountability and the associated administration. This knowledge has been gained during his Business Administration studies and his long career in banking. Now he is retired. Inspired by the enthusiasm of the board members, Evert has been helping TUMI since 2018. In this way, he hopes to improve the inequality in the world a little. He takes care of all administrative tasks and in this way supports the Ghanaian organization very much.

Apart from the above team members, we also work with a large group of very enthusiastic volunteers:

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