About TUMI Ghana

TUMI Ghana is a non-profit organisation that creates sustainable income opportunities for underprivileged women in Kumasi.

Due to poverty and early motherhood, girls often do not have the chance to go to school. Lacking employable skills and a steady income, they struggle to feel any control over their own lives. Here at TUMI Ghana, we give them the opportunity to learn a skill which allows them to earn their own income and empowers them to feel confident and in control!

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Self supporting

Our goal is sustainability

At TUMI Ghana we believe there are better ways to help developing countries like Ghana than giving aid. We believe that the goal should be to become self-supporting, not only for the women who benefit from our project, but also for the project itself. In our women empowerment centre, we provide our students with necessary skills for them to become financially independent. We also direct all our profits from our hostel in to the centre.

Our students

  • TUMI Ghana student

    Akosua, 27

    “I’m a strong woman because I never gave up”

  • TUMI Ghana student

    Patricia, 24

    “In the future this will help me cater for myself”


  • TUMI Ghana student

    Bertha, 20

    “I am proud of myself because I will be someone in the future”

  • TUMI Ghana student

    Vivien, 22

    “This program has taught me how to relate to customers”

  • TUMI Ghana student

    Florence, 20

    “Since I’m training here some people respect me”

  • TUMI Ghana student

    Rosemary, 25

    “I am proud of myself because I am a strong and confident person”

  • TUMI Ghana student

    Maame Yaa, 42

    “Since I am training here, life has been exciting”

  • TUMI Ghana student

    Erama, 19

    “My dream is to become a fashion designer”

  • TUMI Ghana student

    Victoria, 21

    “I feel very happy since I am studying at TUMI”

  • TUMI Ghana student

    Ernestina, 22

    “Sewing has changed my life”

  • TUMI Ghana student

    Cynthia, 24

    “My children have a secured future now”

  • TUMI Ghana student

    Sabaina, 28

    “I am a strong woman because I have a profession now”

  • TUMI Ghana student

    Sis Diana, 40

    “I am proud of myself because I am a beautiful woman”

  • TUMI Ghana student

    Janet, 24

    “This program has made my life meaning full”

  • TUMI Ghana student

    Priscilla, 19

    “Interacting with my classmates has uplifted my self esteem”

  • TUMI Ghana student

    Selina, 22

    “Learning how to sew has secured my future”

  • TUMI Ghana student

    Anane, 22

    “Studying here has changed my relationship with people”

Our Partners

Without our highly appreciated partners we would not be the organization we are today. Being self sufficient as an NGO does not mean we are not looking for collaborations with others. The partners we have today help us in expanding and professionalizing our business.

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